Green Yachts


A wide range of services at your disposal, which combine comfort and effectiveness with respect for the environment .

The objective of this company is the transition towards sustainable navigation, with an added value compared to the usual naval tourism, being more efficient and minimizing the impact on the environment.

In the transition towards sustainable navigation, in addition to innovation and technology, a combination of measures focused on user behavior is included.

From Green Yachts, we support more sustainable practices, for this, we offer the user a series of services and products with an ecological approach as an alternative to conventional consumables. We know that every drop counts and that the sum of these actions has a strong impact on the environment. For this reason, we take care of every detail to reduce the carbon footprint of your boat and the impact on the marine environment.


plastics. Today only 9% of all the plastic that we have produced and consumed to date globally has been recycled, 12% has been incinerated, and the vast majority, 79%, has ended up in landfills or in the middle. atmosphere. We find plastics in the sea that come from deliberate garbage dumping, accidental spills from ships, or effluents from sewage treatment plants and wastewater treatment plants. The plastics that we find on the surface are only the tip of the iceberg, since they represent less than 15% of all the plastics in the sea.

Every year, more than a million birds and more than 100,000 marine mammals die as a result of all the plastic that reaches the sea.

At Green Yachts we are clear that the use of plastic is an enemy to fight. In this sense, we offer a wide range of products that, thanks to their innovation and technology, allow us to considerably reduce the use of plastics. All this contributing to the reduction of the carbon footprint.

Other polluting products. The CSIC (2002) revealed that numerous surfactants from both domestic and industrial discharges are present in seawater. The presence of non-ionic surfactants occurred in 47 % of the water samples, and in 77 % of the sediment samples. The issue is worrisome since these surfactants accumulate in ecosystems and have the ability to alter the hormonal systems of organisms. Many of the detergents we use contain phosphates, which favors the eutrophication of reservoirs and also causes massive fish mortality.

From Green Yachts we propose an alternative with products that do not contain resistant or bioaccumulative compounds, and essentially that are not harmful to the environment, and also allow the doses of cleaning and hygiene products used to be reduced. Trying to avoid disinfectant products that contain formaldehyde, paradiclophenols and chlorobenzenes.


This section is fundamental in the way of acting of Green Yachts. One of our slogans that allows us to differentiate ourselves from the competition is that we do not carry out a job and we give up once it is finished. We are happy to accompany our users throughout the process.

In a simplified way, the carbon footprint emitted by a company or activity shows the amount of greenhouse gases (GHG), expressed in CO2 equivalents (CO2e).

We are committed to calculating your boat’s footprint and helping you set goals to reduce your footprint in the coming years.


Most companies are aware that the climate is changing and are beginning to act to reduce their impact on the climate, in most cases by reducing their carbon footprint. In many cases it has ceased to be a vocational alternative, depending on the characteristics of the company, the regulations oblige to carry out this calculation and propose actions that improve the footprint of the company. But what does it mean to measure and reduce the carbon footprint? And how can a company start its decarbonization path?

We are aware that most of the materials and daily activities of our current economic system have some type of gas emission throughout their supply chain. By studying the carbon footprint of an activity, these emissions are accounted for. This allows companies and sectors to understand and measure their sources of emissions, as well as to identify excessive energy use or other inefficiencies.

To carry out this exercise, it is essential to monitor navigation practices and thus be able to account for emissions. Transparency of users is required when presenting information related to electricity consumption, fuel…

Once the information is obtained, an evaluation is carried out where the starting point (year 0) is studied and objectives are set for the coming years. In this process, we will accompany users with training and advice to improve their browsing behavior. The reports will be delivered annually, being a detailed summary of their activities and their emissions. This process will last 4 years, and may be prolonged and registered in the Balearic service.


Many boats have the habit of offering catering or lunch to customers during their voyages. This service can require the dedication of a lot of time, however, you can spend that time on another activity thanks to the ecological catering service of Green Yachts.

Our catering offers a wide range of products based on user demand, maintaining a focus on sustainability. The products that we include have been previously selected and studied.


The bulk of the products we use are from km 0, ecological, with plastic-reducing capacities, biodegradable… Products with ECOLABEL, FSC, 100% Organic, Eco Friendly certifications. (read more)

The Green Yachts catering service will allow you to save the time and energy involved in making purchases, as well as preparing the products.

The variety of local products that we present, in addition to promoting the local economy, are more respectful by reducing transport until consumption. In the same way it happens in our section of organic products, this style of production being more harmonious with nature. To this we must add an important point, by centralizing this work through our catering service, the transport of goods is significantly reduced, being an addition that reduces the carbon footprint.

This service puts at your disposal a certain range of products at a competent cost. From biodegradable straws or napkins, the raw material required for the preparation itself, to perfectly cooked products ready to be served.

The bulk of the products that will be offered will be organic or KM 0, trying to respect the environment and maintaining quality standards. We are clear that our clients deserve to enjoy a tasty meal on their boat and our job is to provide it.

The selection of the products will be at the request of the user, always under a consensus that enables the delivery of the requirements. The client may request from raw materials to finished products. The catering service is made possible so that the delivery of the products is at home.

We know that great results are the sum of small actions. This premise can be extrapolated to every small action that is carried out on the ship. For this reason we want to emphasize that the products that we include have been previously selected and studied, being 0 km, ecological and with ECOLABEL, FSC, 100% Organic, Eco Friendly certifications.


The choice of a generic cleaning product whose waste is harmful to the sea, is something that speaks negatively of whoever uses it. In this sense, we present a very varied range of ecological and biodegradable products, which, in turn, given the technology of their packaging, are capable of reducing the use of plastic and are more respectful of the sea.

We put at your disposal a diverse range from products for cleaning the sails, the teak of your boat, cleaning the kitchen and bathrooms, to a sophisticated ozone cleaning system.


Taking into account the analysis carried out by the Boat US Foundation in 2009 on ecological cleaning products and the need of the naval market to have a range of products that respect the marine environment. From Green Yacht we have carried out the work of exhaustively studying the best alternatives to keep your boat clean and concomitantly be respectful of the sea.

In our cleaning products section, we have the best brands on the market to clean your entire boat, reducing the waste generated as much as possible. The packaging of some of our products allows us to reduce up to 20 times the use of plastics and its storage space. Many others have been made from natural compounds and are biodegradable.

In addition, we offer an ozone cleaning system. Ozone’s chemical structure shares electrons between three atoms instead of between two, producing an instability that tends to capture electrons from any nearby compound, being a very strong oxidant and destabilizing molecules to the point of destroying them. In addition to its effectiveness, it is not harmful to the environment since it does not leave any residue.

It must be emphasized that all our products have official certification and have gone through the competent verifications and records.


We know the importance of taking care of our bodies, and what better way to do it than with natural and environmentally friendly products. At Green Yachts we offer you a wide range of personal care products such as shampoos, soaps, lip balms, deodorants, sunscreens… a selection of high-class products with which you can feel every nuance of nature on your body.