Green Yachts


Green Yacht Member , the seal that guarantees responsible navigation.

Being part of the Green Yachts Members group is the award given to clients who have decided to make a change in their boat towards a more sustainable model. This membership allows the differentiation of your boat, knowing that your boat is governed by environmentally respectful behaviors , also complying with quality standards.

The boats that claim to belong to this group must have carried out a reconversion of their boat with Green Yachts or be boats that, given their idiosyncrasies and good practices, fall within a rigorous acceptance range, with their subsequent follow-up by Our company. In this group there is room for both clients whose boat is used for their personal enjoyment, as well as companies dedicated to carrying out charters.

To show the difference, each member will be given a badge that they can display on their boat as a banner, proud to know that they are making an effort to minimize the impact on the marine environment.

Green Yachts Member users who wish may have a space in the reservation section of our web page. This section works like a regular charter booking portal, except that the boats present are Green Yachts Members, with all that this implies. In addition to being a portal that allows greater exposure, it can increase the rental ratio.

This scenario is very pleasant in view of other companies in the sector that want to promote greener behaviors, as is the case of hotels and some restaurants, which allows collaborations and greater exposure. To this we must add that, given the current situation of this company and the idea it intends to convey, Green Yachts is very well received by the Tourism and Sustainability Council.

At Green Yachts we do not play the role of teacher, parent or judge. However, we do require that the boats that claim to be members of the Green Yachts family and wish to enjoy its benefits, comply with a series of good practices (do not dump waste in inappropriate areas, recycle, do not dock in posidonia areas, the respect for marine fauna, unnecessary use of fuel…). As we have previously mentioned, we want to accompany you on the journey, which is why we support you in this process with advice and training from professionals .