Green Yachts


Explore the island in one of our green boats!

We adapt your boat to make it more efficient and respectful of the environment. A safe bet for innovation , the health of the planet and for the future of your pocket .

Green Yachts offers you a comprehensive change in the way you navigate and enjoy your free time. A different approach to face a future that is already just around the corner.





The damage caused by climate change is well known, with maritime transport being responsible for a vast contribution to GHG emissions and having a notorious impact on the marine environment .

Faced with increasingly responsible regulations and a growing demand for sustainable tourism, Green Yachts is presented as an innovative model that will lead you to navigate more efficiently and ecologically .

Our objective is to transform vessels at a technological and energy level towards a more sustainable model , reducing the carbon footprint and mitigating its impact on the marine environment.

This transition is built from combining good navigation practices with the contribution of technological innovation. For this, we offer solutions tailored to each vessel .

Take advantage of this opportunity to differentiate yourself and make responsible navigation. We invite you to take a step forward towards a change that the institutions will quickly make inexorable.

Discover with us the pleasure of enjoying the sea in a respectful way.

Green Yacht Member , the seal that guarantees responsible navigation.

Being part of the Green Yachts Members group is the award given to clients who have decided to make a change in their boat towards a more sustainable model. This membership allows the differentiation of your boat, indicating that it is governed by environmentally respectful behaviors and that it also complies with quality standards.

State of The Art technology at your service.

We have excellent engineers trained to carry out installations on ships of any class. We use the most advanced technology, working with the best brands to always be at the forefront. Request information about your boat by filling out the following form and we will send you a detailed indicative proposal.

Continuous maintenance, growing savings.

We want each user to transform their boat based on their requirements.

It is not always easy to face a large investment, which is why we give you the option of carrying out a total remodeling or a continuous maintenance service with progressive improvements to adapt your boat towards a more sustainable model. These types of changes represent energy savings that are finally transferred to the pocket, being investments that are amortized in the short-medium term.

A 360 service.

We care about all aspects that may cause an environmental impact on the boat, trying to replace them with more sustainable options. We take care of everything from the eminent engines to the small details such as an ecological handmade shampoo or the biodegradable straws.

Posidonia oceánica

Care of Posidonia meadows.

We help you to respect the posidonia meadows. Find a safe mooring area so as not to destroy this precious Mediterranean treasure.

For greater convenience, we provide you with a QR code to access the map. Print it out and keep it handy!


Sustainable products at your disposal.

We offer you a list of products for sale that will allow you to navigate in a more sustainable way. Check it out!

Collateral activities.

The spark that ignites this project is concern for the environment. That is why we commit ourselves to be participants in actions that support our words. The excessive use of plastics, illegal fishing, improper dumping, not respecting the areas where Posidonia flourishes, are issues that concern us. And this respect for the marine environment is something that we want to transmit to our users, trying to promote good practices.

Green Yachts adheres to the
Sustainable Development Goals

In September 2015, world leaders set out a series of global goals to tackle poverty, protect the environment, and foster prosperity for all. These goals are known as the Sustainable Development Agenda and each of them has specific goals to be achieved in the next 15 years.

To achieve these goals, it’s important that we all work together: governments, businesses, organizations, and people just like you . If you want to get involved, one way is to let others know about these goals.

Would you like to know what these goals are? You can find the full list here .